About us

We are Emily and Olivia - the two younger of four sisters from the UK. 


Olivia, the younger of the two, taught herself ceramics during 2022 as she felt lost once leaving university and became very low mentally. She was always creative, but chose to study Politics and International Relations at university but didn't want to take the corporate route. Being creative made her happy. 

Emily became paralysed during the summer of 2011, at just 13 years old. A virus attacked her spinal cord leaving her paralysed from the shoulders down. She never regained movement back. Emily works for the Civil Aviation Authority. She wants to make air travel more accessible for disabled people. 

During the summer of 2022, Olivia was doing ceramics whilst Emily was painting with her mouth. Emily always struggled with what to paint, and found filling a whole page quite daunting, along with struggling to find a painting medium that suited her. Water-colour dried too quick, and she didn't like acrylic. Olivia then had the idea Emily paints on her pots as underglaze was the perfect consistency. 

A few weeks later Olivia put her plan into action. Emily painted butterflies on a Jug Olivia had made as an engagement gift for their eldest sister. Wheely Good Ceramics was born.